The Amateur Garden Blog Awards 2013

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After searching the internet to find the best Amateur Garden Blogs we finally have our top ten. It was difficult to narrow it down to just ten as there are many fantastic Garden Blogs out there.

We believe that these blogger’s deserve recognition for their hard work,dedication to working on and maintaining their gardens and creating some fantastic websites.

To the left is the badge the winners will be awarded. The next time you are on a gardening blog look out for it.




The Amateur Garden Blog Winners 2013


Ryans GardenRyan’s Garden

A blog with unusual beginnings as it started after a car crash. Don’t worry as Ryan is fine now. After the crash left him unable to garden for a while he started to blog. If you visit his site make sure you check out his image of the day gallery there truly are some fantastic pictures on there. Ryan is a contributor to this season edible garden and it shows with his great content.



Claires Allotment

Claires Allotment’s

Claires Allotment’s is a wonderful blog, whether you want to read about Claire and her gardening exploits or just want to ask her some advice this is a great blog for all gardeners. I also highly recommend checking out her youtube channel



Shirls GardenwatchShirl’s Gardenwatch

Always ready with a camera, an enthusiasm for gardening and the wildlife found in it. Shirl’s Gardenwatch is a blog for gardeners and wildlife lovers alike. Her blog is already the winner of several other awards and its easy to see why. How could we leave her out?




Its Not Work Its GardeningIt’s Not Work It’s Gardening

Started in March 2010 as a diary of Alan’s work in the garden, It’s Not Work It’s Gardening has grown into one of the best gardening blogs around. ”It’s not work, it’s gardening!” is how Alan feels, it might be difficult at times to maintain a garden but when it’s what you love it just can’t be work. The blog is a fantastic resource that others can use to help them out in their own gardens.


Real Men SowReal Men Sow

In 2007 Jono took over a redundant allotment with his “gardening mad mum” and has never looked back. Jono encourages people to save money by growing their own Veg. In 2012 he gave up his allotment, but worry not he continues his blog by writing about growing his own fruit and veg in his back garden. Always a good read and I hope he continues to blog for a long time.


66 Square Feet66 Square Feet

66 Square feet started off as a blog about gardening in tight spaces, but it has evolved into much more than that. Marie writes about gardening in her 66 square foot apartment and this makes it different to most gardening blogs out there. Always interesting to read and Marie writes about a variety of topics, from gardening to food and even about her life.



The Gardening BlogThe Gardening Blog

A gardening blog with a difference, as this is a blog about two separate gardens. Written by two best friends who have very different gardens this is a blog that is sure to keep any gardening enthusiast entertained. Both Barbie and Christine write about their gardens for each other and encourage anyone else who is interested to watching their gardens grow.



Tootsie TimeTootsie Time

A self-taught gardener with a passion for plants, dirt and being creative, Glenda/Tootsie has put together a fantastic blog. Make sure that you check out Fertilizer Friday for some great photos.




Sunray GardeningSunray Gardens

With some fantastic plants to show off, as well as her Yorkie make sure you check out Sunray Gardens. The blog has been running since 2011 and it seems that the enthusiasm for gardening and writing has never wavered. Well written and with some beautiful pictures this is a blog you do not want to miss.



Garden AmateurGarden Amateur

A blog about what happens in Jamie’s small garden and kitchen. The blog might be called Garden Amateur but the way he writes and the results he gets make him look anything but. With a variety of different things going on in his garden, from growing garlic to wall pots this is a blog that has something for any Gardner.



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