Vintage Gothic Lamp Posts

Vintage Gothic Lamp Posts

The Vintage Gothic lamp post range boasts a wonderful classic design and features an old fashioned styled lantern created from antique brass.

If you are looking to promote an authentic period ambiance to your home frontage or garden then this is the perfect choice for you. This lamp post set is a timeless classic and will add a touch of old world charm to any setting.

The lantern is hand crafted from an antique brass and the post itself formed from a high grade cast iron. Each lamp post and lantern is created to a very high standard and design to give many years of service with very little maintenance required.

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  • 2.46m Vintage Lamp Post with Gothic Lantern

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    2.46m Vintage Lamp Post with Gothic Lantern.

    This classically inspired lamp post and lantern set is the perfect accompaniment to any setting. The antique brass finish of the lantern makes it one of our more eye catching pieces and offers a very distinguished aesthetic.

    Dimensions Approx:

    Total Height : 2.46m
    Lamp Post Diameter: 60mm
    Lamp Post Base: 160mm square
    Total Weight: 25kg

  • 2.7m Lamp Post with Antique Brass Lantern

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    2.7m Lamp Post with Antique Brass Lantern.

    The antique brass lantern has been carefully designed around the lanterns used hundreds of years ago. Its eye catching vintage design means it will not be easily missed and will add a real focal point to your property.

    Dimensions Approx:

    Total Height : 2.7m
    Lamp Post Diameter: 90mm
    Lamp Post Base: 260mm square
    Total Weight: 40kg

  • 3.4m Vintage Gothic Lamp Post with Antique Brass lantern

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    3.4m Vintage Gothic Lamp Post with Antique Brass lantern.

    Dimensions Approx:

    Total Height : 3.4m
    Lamp Post Diameter: 80mm
    Lamp Post Base: 200mm square
    Total Weight: 60kg