Belgravia Driveway Lamp Posts

Belgravia Driveway Lamp Posts

Our Belgravia lamp posts are the most prestigious and striking in our range. Looking particularly at home when lining a drive or entrance way.

The main part of the lantern is formed from a single piece of hand blown glass and features an ornate finial lantern top. Not only is the Belgravia range our largest lamp post and lantern combination but it is also our most unique, offering a very simple yet stunning design. Every detail of the pieces in this range have been carefully and lovingly designed and manufactured to the highest specification.

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  • 2.4m Belgravia Driveway Lamp Post

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    2.4m Belgravia Driveway Lamp Post.

    At 2.4m this is the smallest of the Belgravia driveway lamp posts, yet still a very substantial piece. It boasts a simple yet very impacting design and is sure to leave a lasting first impression.

    The lantern is formed from a single piece of glass with solid brass rods running from the base to the top of the lantern that support the ornate top.


    Dimensions Approx:

    Total Height : 2.4m
    Lamp Post Diameter: 60mm
    Lamp Post Base: 160mm square
    Total Weight: 20kg

  • 3m Belgravia Entrance-way Lamp Post

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    3m Belgravia Entranceway Lamp Post

    It goes without saying that out Belgravia lamp post range is our most striking and prestigious. Every element of its design has been carefully thought over and painstakingly created using the finest materials.

    Dimensions Approx:

    Total Height : 3m
    Lamp Post Diameter: 80mm
    Lamp Post Base: 200mm square
    Total Weight: 40kg

  • 3.7m Belgravia Lamp Post

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    3.7m Belgravia Lamp Post.

    This is it. This lamp post is the epitome of our range. Standing at a huge 3.7 meters it is an extremely imposing lamp post that demands attention. Undoubtedly the most extravagant and exquisite combination we offer.

    This lighting piece well really set your property and grounds apart from the rest. Boasting an extreme size but suffering no loss of quality.

    We offer free Mainland UK delivery on everything!

    Dimensions Approx:

    Total Height : 3.7mm
    Lamp Post Diameter: 90mm
    Lamp Post Base: 260mm square
    Total Weight: 60kg